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Congress proposes to change tuition-related taxes

Many Las Vegas residents who are paying for student loans and tuition have a hefty financial burden. If you have college debt, you might find some amount of relief through their tax return, but several aspects of taxes are now up for debate. One possibility is that your tax return on student loan interest may disappear altogether.

Taxes: Another tie that can bind, unless you know your rights

On a number of occasions, we have discussed the innocent spouse rule. In the context of family law, you might think this has something to do with a spouse who cheats on you. In the context of taxes, however, the issue has to do with a spouse cheating on the IRS and you finding yourself on the hook for their debt obligation. In this instance, the innocent spouse rule is a provision the IRS can use to show some mercy.

Income is income and must be reported, but how depends

Many people in Nevada have hobbies. Some people even make money at them. From a legal perspective, income is always considered income and the law requires that it be reported on your tax return. All income is not created equal, however, and as we observed in one of our past posts, if the IRS takes a different view of your income claims, consulting an attorney is the way to be sure you know your legal options.

Work with skilled attorney to build strong tax case, obtain IRS award of fees, P.2

Previously, we began looking at the topic of attorney fees associated with fighting IRS allegations. Specifically, we’re looking at the requirements for a taxpayer to obtain payment of attorney fees. We’ve already mentioned the requirements that the taxpayer must prove he or she was the prevailing party, and the IRS’ burden of proving that its position was reasonable.

Work with skilled attorney to build strong tax case, obtain IRS award of fees, P.1

When an individual is targeted by the IRS for nonpayment of taxes, there can be significant costs involved. The guidance and advocacy of experienced legal counsel is indispensable when facing a tax audit, or charges of tax negligence or fraud, but there are costs associated with legal representation.

Worker classification and its effect on employment tax obligations, P.2

Previously, we began looking at the issue of worker classification and its implications for employment tax obligations. As we noted last time, when the IRS finds that a business does not have a reasonable basis for classifying an employee a particular way, the business may be held responsible for employment taxes. In such cases, businesses may be able to settle with the IRS for a reduced tax rate or to obtain partial relief in exchange for reclassifying workers as employees for future tax periods.

Worker classification and its effect on employment tax obligations

For businesses, keeping up on tax obligations is a critical aspect of keeping afloat. Failure to remain in compliance with tax law can threaten a business’ solvency, while careful tax planning and payment of obligations can help a business increase its success.

Reality TV actor Mike Sorrentino pleads not guilty to tax fraud charges under new indictment

One of the unfortunate realities of being a celebrity is that when you get into legal trouble, word spreads quickly and your issues become widely known. To take just one of many possible examples of this, Mike Sorrentino—known as “The Situation” from his days on the series The Jersey Shore—is currently in the midst of a tax fraud case related to the wealth he accumulated during his time on the television show.

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