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Companies: what to do if your W-2 data has been hacked

Recently, hackers have been trying a new tactic to steal people’s identities: they’re targeting company payroll departments. There have been a string of phishing emails sent to employees in a company’s human resources or payroll departments, which appear to come from a high-level executive within the firm. The email requests employees’ W-2 information. If the employee receiving such an email sends the information, then the hacker can use the social security information in the W-2s to file fraudulent tax returns for many unsuspecting victims.

How to prepare for retirement when you’re self-employed

If you’re a permanent employee, all of the benefits your employer provides may go largely unnoticed. However, if you’ve recently made the transition from being an employee to being your own boss, the safety net you once took for granted is now conspicuously absent. Your employer-sponsored healthcare is out the window, your Social Security and Medicare contributions are no longer managed for you and your 401(k) is now a thing of the past.

I’m self employed. How much will I pay in taxes?

Independent contractors have been increasingly taking the place of permanent employees in many companies across the United States. While working independently may afford you certain freedoms not typically associated with a permanent job, it also poses additional challenges that you would have skipped by receiving a W-2. If you’re approaching the end of the year worried about how much you’ll be on the hook for in 2018, we’re here to help break it down for you.

One simple way to reduce your risk of tax refund fraud

We’ve been talking about it a lot recently. It’s peppering the news almost daily. The Equifax breach earlier this year turned it from a problem into an outright crisis. The IRS and other government organizations have been working overtime to combat this constant threat and empower Americans to keep themselves secure. We’re talking, of course, about identity theft.

More effects of divorce on taxes

In one of our posts last month, we talked about the value of the innocent spouse rule when dealing with some tax controversies after death or divorce. That rule is a form of protection for ex-spouses who find out later that their mate didn't take care of taxes the way they pledged to. When the conditions are right and presented correctly, it's possible to use the rule to eliminate a tax obligation.

What do tax overhaul proposals mean for 'gig economy' workers?

There is no shortage of analysis related to taxes right now. The president has offered a peak at what he would like to see and the Republican-controlled House is hashing its way through a long list of proposals, adding here and taking away there.

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