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Do you have reason to apply for an offer in compromise?

When you must contend with any kind of debt, you can easily begin to feel overwhelmed. When the debt relates to back taxes owed to the Internal Revenue Service, you may not only feel overwhelmed by the remaining balances but also stressed about potential consequences. As a result, you may wonder what options you could have.

How do I catch up on my unfiled taxes?

Paying taxes is something most people grumble about. While some tackle their returns on their own, others rely on professionals, especially if they have complicated finances. However, you may be among those who has put off filing your returns until you are several years behind. Sooner or later, the IRS will catch up with you, and it may be a wise idea to take care of the situation before then.

Income taxes and gambling losses

Living here in Las Vegas, you may spend at least some of your time at the casinos. You relish your winnings, but more than likely, you also lose from time to time. You know that the IRS wants a share of your winnings if they are over a certain amount, but did you know that you may also be able to deduct your losses?

Is the IRS seeking unpaid payroll taxes from your company?

Probably one of the most tedious jobs you have as a small business owner is payroll. Not only is the work itself challenging with the number of deductions, taxes and benefits -- different for each employee -- but you may have an emotionally difficult time parting with the money.

The IRS is delegating tax collection duties

When people are already under the pressure of high debt, it may be easier for them to fall victim to schemers who use even more pressure to get them to turn over the money. If you have received such calls, you know how intimidating they can be, perhaps threatening you with terrifying consequences.

Negative tax audit results? Maybe you should file an appeal

Not many situations can strike the same type of fear that you and many other Nevada residents may feel as when you get a notice of an IRS audit. Because dealing with the IRS in any form can cause anxiety and stress, the idea of an audit may leave you feeling at a loss. If the outcomes of an audit suggest that you owe the government more money, you may feel especially disheartened by the situation.

The letter from the IRS that you dreaded appeared in your mailbox

You opened your mailbox and you see a letter. The return address indicates it's from the IRS. As you nervously open the letter, your anxiety increases when you realize that the IRS wants to audit you. You immediately begin to wonder where all the receipts and paperwork are that you used to do your taxes.

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