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Taxes: Another tie that can bind, unless you know your rights

On a number of occasions, we have discussed the innocent spouse rule. In the context of family law, you might think this has something to do with a spouse who cheats on you. In the context of taxes, however, the issue has to do with a spouse cheating on the IRS and you finding yourself on the hook for their debt obligation. In this instance, the innocent spouse rule is a provision the IRS can use to show some mercy.

Loosening the IRS grip on tax liens can take some doing

If you've been on the receiving end of IRS action to collect overdue or back taxes, you know the process can be frustrating. Not only can levies and liens put a crimp on your financial flexibility, they can leave you trapped in a hole under the accompanying IRS cloud.

Is the IRS seeking unpaid payroll taxes from your company?

Probably one of the most tedious jobs you have as a small business owner is payroll. Not only is the work itself challenging with the number of deductions, taxes and benefits -- different for each employee -- but you may have an emotionally difficult time parting with the money.

Tax avoidance and tax evasion: There's an important difference

In several of our previous posts from earlier this year, we examined how the IRS strives to distinguish between tax fraud and tax negligence. The first is considered criminal. The second tends to be treated as an error. Both can lead to hefty penalties. Though, while negligence might cost you financially, a conviction for fraud might well include the added consequence of time in prison.

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