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Pondering the tax consequences of Floyd Mayweather’s weekend victory

Many of our Las Vegas readers have likely heard the news of Floyd Mayweather Jr.’s victory last weekend in his match against Irish UFC fighter Conor McGregor. Those who watched the fight know that McGregor lasted 10 rounds, suffering a TKO loss in the 10th round.

Getting relief from an IRS tax lien: pursuing withdrawal of a tax lien

This is our fourth post in a series dealing with the topic of IRS tax lien relief. In previous posts, we’ve dealt with a couple potential options for taxpayers seeking limited relief from a tax lien: discharge and subordination. As we noted, these solutions do not release the taxpayer from the lien, but free up some of his or her property from the constraints of the lien.

Getting relief from an IRS tax lien: a brief look at tax lien subordination

In previous posts, we’ve looked at several avenues of relief available to taxpayers dealing with an IRS tax lien. As we noted before, the best way of addressing a tax lien is to pay the underlying debt so that the IRS releases the lien. Taxpayers who dispute the tax bill should, of course, address any errors through the appeals process before paying the bill.

The IRS is delegating tax collection duties

When people are already under the pressure of high debt, it may be easier for them to fall victim to schemers who use even more pressure to get them to turn over the money. If you have received such calls, you know how intimidating they can be, perhaps threatening you with terrifying consequences.

A brief look at tax liens, and getting the IRS to release them, P.2

Last time, we began looking at the topic of releasing tax liens. As we noted, the best way to address the issue is to simply pay the debt, though taxpayers shouldn’t resign themselves to a debt with which they disagree. If the debt is properly calculated, paying it off will result in the full release of the tax lien in fairly short order.

A brief look at tax liens, and getting the IRS to release them, P.1

We previously wrote on this blog about the return of Floyd Mayweather Jr., out of return, to engage in a match with UFC champion Conor McGregor. As we noted, Mayweather’s motivation for taking on the match is largely that he needs the money to satisfy the IRS, which claims that he owes millions in unpaid taxes from 2015, which was his last major fight.

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