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Work with skilled attorney to build strong tax case, obtain IRS award of fees, P.2

Previously, we began looking at the topic of attorney fees associated with fighting IRS allegations. Specifically, we’re looking at the requirements for a taxpayer to obtain payment of attorney fees. We’ve already mentioned the requirements that the taxpayer must prove he or she was the prevailing party, and the IRS’ burden of proving that its position was reasonable.

Work with skilled attorney to build strong tax case, obtain IRS award of fees, P.1

When an individual is targeted by the IRS for nonpayment of taxes, there can be significant costs involved. The guidance and advocacy of experienced legal counsel is indispensable when facing a tax audit, or charges of tax negligence or fraud, but there are costs associated with legal representation.

Negative tax audit results? Maybe you should file an appeal

Not many situations can strike the same type of fear that you and many other Nevada residents may feel as when you get a notice of an IRS audit. Because dealing with the IRS in any form can cause anxiety and stress, the idea of an audit may leave you feeling at a loss. If the outcomes of an audit suggest that you owe the government more money, you may feel especially disheartened by the situation.

Champion boxer files appeal with IRS for extra time to generate money for unpaid taxes

Champion boxer Floyd Mayweather is reportedly in trouble with the IRS over unpaid taxes. According to the IRS, Mayweather owes a total of $22.2 million in unpaid taxes. Over the course of his career, Mayweather has earned roughly $700 million for the 49 matches he has done. Mayweather earned about $220 million from a 2015 fight with Manny Pacquiao, and the IRS is claiming that he failed to fully meet his tax obligations on that payout.

Discharge of debt on late-filed tax returns: a brief look at some recent cases

We’ve been looking in recent posts at the discharge of tax debt in bankruptcy. As we noted, there are a variety of limitations and requirements on the discharge of tax debt in bankruptcy. One important consideration in this context is whether tax debt associated with late-filed tax returns can be discharged in bankruptcy.

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