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Tax liens are major tools of the IRS tax collection regimen

One thing that can put an empty feeling in the pit of one's stomach is the knowledge that the IRS has entered a tax lien for back taxes left unpaid. IRS tax liens are not to be taken lightly, and it is in the individual's best interest to put the time, effort and money into clearing up that kind of a blemish. Whether in Nevada or another state, tax liens can ruin one's credit, stop a real estate sale or a mortgage approval, and eventually could be the basis for a tax levy that leads to the freezing and seizing of one's accounts.

IRS taxpayer services worked poorly in recent tax season

Experts predicted that the tax service sponsored by the IRS would not be working very well this past tax season. The truth turned out to be worse than their predictions. More than eight million calls were dropped by the IRS switchboard, including a fair share from taxpayers seeking assistance here in Nevada.

Personal injury: IRS taxes emotional distress in settlement

Before a claimant in Nevada settles a claim for personal injuries from a car accident or receives settlement funds from any other kind of dispute, it might be best to consult with a tax attorney to determine how the recovery will be viewed by the IRS. Such settlements used to be generally free from income tax interference because it was determined that the settlement did not add any wealth that could be considered income. However, in the past few decades the IRS toughened the rules and started taxing the pain and suffering or emotional distress part of a settlement.

IRS spreads the word to taxpayers: Beware of tax refund fraud

Tax refund fraud appears to be the main news item reported by the IRS this past week. The agency is making a concerted effort to try and get a handle on the problem of fake collection scams, which have been reported nationwide, including in Nevada. In press releases, the IRS is warning people who may get calls "out of the blue" from someone telling you to pay your tax bill now or else.

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