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IRS allows for no statute of limitations regarding payroll tax

There are laws and regulations that determine how long the Internal Revenue Service may take to initiate collection of a tax debt against citizens of Nevada and nationwide. Some collection matters are stopped after three years of no action whatsoever by the IRS. It is said that the longest period that the agency has under the statute of limitations is 10 years. The time period generally is modified according to the kind of debt that is being collected.

Certified mail from the IRS may contain important notices

After a taxpaying citizen of Nevada or another state files his or her personal income tax returns, there is the possibility of receiving communication from the Internal Revenue Service that may deal with one or more of a variety of potential issues. If the IRS letter was sent to you by certified mail, it is likely that it contains a date certain for which you must take action or provide information. In that case, it is self-defeating to refuse to sign for the IRS certified mail.

IRS wants casinos to allow tracking of winnings on comp cards

Both the casinos and their customers in Nevada and elsewhere agree on one thing: the latest IRS idea to use casino comp cards to track slot-machine winning is oppressive, impractical and wrong. Because the comp cards track casino spending with mathematical precision, the IRS wants to capitalize on the technology. It would have the cards report whenever a gambler wins over $1,200.

NV Energy collects taxes but does not send them to the IRS

A complicated bit of accounting has been used for some 15 years to allow NV Energy to collect taxes from utility customers in Nevada and not send the taxes to the IRS. The utility, owned by Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway Energy, has collected at least $126 million in tax payments from companies that are involved in new projects needing electricity. It is apparently legal for NV Energy to withhold the money from the IRS due to the company's ability to deduct large amounts for the money it invests in infrastructure development of the new private projects.

TIGTA criticizes IRS premature closing of some collection cases

The Treasure Inspector General for Tax Administration (TIGTA) has come out with another report critical of the internal operations of the Internal Revenue Service. It is reported that some collection employees of the IRS do not take all necessary steps to determine whether the  agency could collect the debt before closing out the file. The report found that, in a sample of 162 corporate collection cases, the IRS agents did not complete the proper collection protocol in about 15 percent of the cases. The study is an average sampling, and for several reasons, is relevant to all taxpayers, including those in Nevada.

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