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IRS approves tax-free status for church that is apolitical

Charitable organizations in Nevada are generally exempt from paying a corporation tax to the federal government. Churches are charitable organizations and generally they enjoy tax-free status pursuant to IRS regulations. However, the involvement of a church or other charitable organization in promoting political agendas for other entities is a violation of the Internal Revenue Code and will expose the church to losing its tax-free status.

U.S. Senator challenges IRS hiring of private lawyers

Members of the U.S. Congress continue to closely scrutinize IRS practices and procedures. Recently, one powerful U.S. Senator has criticized the agency's use of a private law firm to perform legal examinations of taxpayers. Of course, the IRS has a large staff of in-house lawyers located in Nevada and throughout the country who are trained in that very thing. The Chairman of the Senate Finance Committee, Orrin Hatch, sent a letter to the IRS Commissioner, demanding an explanation and justification for hiring a private contractor to examine taxpayers.

Audit raises more concerns about IRS inefficiency and cronyism

The Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration has made it official: the agency's audit of the IRS reveals that ,from 2004 through 2013, the Service refused to fire about 60 percent of its employees who had cheated on their own personal tax returns. Federal law applicable in Nevada and elsewhere calls for firing employees caught cheating, but IRS managers went out of their way to find mitigating circumstances in most of the cases and retained the employees. The report identifies 1580 employees who cheated on their returns during that period.

IRS paying refunds filed falsely in names of deceased taxpayers

Fraudulent tax returns filed in Nevada and throughout the country have become a major source of crime that seems to be outpacing a poorly-funded IRS. With someone's Social Security number and a few other details, a criminal can file a fraudulent tax return and collect a refund to which he or she is not entitled. The IRS, reportedly running at one-third of its normal capacity, often sends the refund as requested, despite the fact that the filing taxpayer is deceased.

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