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IRS targets poorest taxpayers for levies despite reports

A U.S. Tax Court decision in 2011 held that the IRS cannot issue levies on economically vulnerable taxpayers who are in hardship conditions, even if they haven't filed recently. The U.S. Office of the Taxpayer Advocate has essentially counseled the IRS with the same message. Despite those public declarations, the IRS continues to levy on Americans living in Nevada and every other state who are suffering economic hardship and who are in the very lowest income brackets.

IRS reports serious deficiencies in taxpayer services

In one major regional IRS collection center, the supervisory revenue officer has stated that the agency will not collect against anyone who owes the agency less than $1 million. He attributed this to the budget cuts that have crippled the IRS ability to function at full capacity. It is unknown at this time whether the same policy has been adopted for Nevada or other collection districts.  

Best practice: check IRS returns to assure all is correct

Wednesday, April 15 is of course the deadline for United States citizens and residents, including in Nevada, to file their personal tax returns. The IRS takes postmark of April 15 seriously, so that anything marked after that date will assuredly be charged with late penalties. In order to avoid the hassle of being late, here are some tips to assure that it doesn't happen.

Different strategies to pay IRS tax debt when funds are tight

If a taxpayer in Nevada or elsewhere doesn't have money to pay his or her taxes by the April 15 deadline, what can be done? If a taxpayer obtains an extension to file, does that mean that he or she doesn't have to worry about doing anything? On the first question, send in the completed return to the IRS with partial payment or no payment, but include a note telling the agency that more time is needed.

Taxpayer should send finished return to IRS, even without payment

There are always some of us in Nevada or elsewhere who finish their taxes and find that they don't have enough money to pay the bill owed. It's a good way to get a headache.  For the 2014 return, it's even more of a concern because -- for the first time -- there will be penalties for not having health insurance. The IRS reportedly has a calculator app that will help a taxpayer to compute the amount due.

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