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IRS gives pass to taxpayers due to errors on health care forms

There are apparently in excess of one million forms sent to Obamacare enrollees that contained errors regarding tax computations. The IRS position on the issue could be of importance to Nevada taxpayers. The agency announced recently that it will not try to collect any additional taxes that may be owed by these individuals and that they will not have to file amended returns.

IRS holding $1 billion in refunds owed to non-filers for 2011

Strange as it sounds, the Internal Revenue Service has some money that it wants to pay out to certain persons who didn't file tax returns. The IRS is holding $1 billion of unpaid tax refunds that were never claimed by qualified recipients. For example, in Nevada there are 13,300 persons estimated by the IRS who did not file returns in 2011 and thereby did not get refunds to which they were entitled.

Overworked and underfunded, IRS can't keep up with tax cheats

Once again, the Internal Revenue Service will be handling the annual tax returns with an inadequate budget and not enough personnel. A taxpayer's chances of getting audited are accordingly falling also, both nationally and here in Nevada. The odds of getting audited have fallen to an 11-year low, with just .86 percent of individual filers being likely to hear from the IRS that they are scheduled for an audit.

Suit claims that the IRS seized refunds for debts not owed

Another questionable collection procedure of the Internal Revenue Service is now being challenged in a lawsuit filed in federal court. Three plaintiffs claim that the IRS seized their tax refunds illegally to reimburse the Social Security Administration for over payments supposedly made many years earlier. Each plaintiff alleges not owing the debt because he or she was a child at the time of the purported overpayment, and because it was a survivor's payment made to a relative who is now deceased. The claims could be the basis for class actions that could implicate the interests of taxpayers throughout the country, including in Nevada.

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