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IRS can offset tax refund to pay other debts of taxpayer

Residents of Nevada and elsewhere tend to rely on their tax refunds each year to make special purchases, pay down bills, or to help fund a much-needed vacation. Unfortunately, a small percentage of taxpayers each year do not get their refund or they receive only a partial amount. That is because the IRS and other agencies are authorized to offset the refund against other debts owed by the taxpayer.

Tax time brings new IRS warnings of tax scam artists

One should try to remember one basic fact during tax season, and the rest of the year for that matter. It is that the IRS, in Nevada and every other jurisdiction, does not initiate tax collections by telephone. The agency always starts its files by a written mail notification.

IRS tax liens reversed by tax court where discretion was abused

It may be unknown to most people in Nevada and elsewhere, but there is a tax law that gives IRS agents the discretion to exercise their judgment in pursuing collection cases. If that discretion is abused by the agent, the taxpayer may have the chance of reversing the agent's actions in a federal tax court. This rule applies to the injudicious entrance of tax liens against a taxpayer when a more conservative collection approach would have been more reasonable and fruitful.

IRS issues rules under the ACA for tax-exempt hospitals

Charitable  hospitals in Nevada and all other states may obtain tax-exempt status under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. The Affordable Care Act includes consumer protection provisions for patients of such institutions. Those patients must not be subjected to abusive collection practices, and they must be given complete information about the prospect of obtaining financial assistance from the hospital toward their medical bills. The IRS recently issued final regulations under the ACA to facilitate the protection of patients of charitable hospitals.

Federal tax lien results in action of Strawberry's income annuity

The IRS has many tactics at its disposal to collect on its assessed bills against delinquent taxpayers. Residents of Nevada and other states may be surprised to learn that the agency can seize and auction off a person's deferred annuity to pay off tax debts. That is precisely what the IRS is doing with a federal tax lien and levy that it made against the future proceeds of an annuity owned by former baseball star Darryl Strawberry.

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