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Vegas official says her $1 million in tax liens are mostly paid

For Nevada residents who may have problems or collection issues with the IRS, you're not alone. Along with the other state residents who may be struggling to keep up with tax obligations, one notable politician is facing the same problems. An elected Las Vegas assemblywoman, who serves as chairperson of the taxation committee, has been toiling with existing and pending tax liens totaling around $1 million.

Taxpayer will do best by responding early to IRS tax levy

If you own a small business in Nevada, federal income taxes must be paid. In some instances, the legal structure of your business will be set up to roll all of your tax payments into your individual income tax return. In a larger corporate structure, you may have separate tax bills for the business and personally. In any event, if you get significantly behind in any of your tax debt by not paying the tax due on time, you may be facing an IRS tax levy on your bank accounts.

Charitable organizations must have tax-exempt status with IRS

If you like to give to charities during the holiday season, or if you're in need of an actual tax deduction for charitable giving, there are some pitfalls and general principles to follow in order to maximize your experience. First, you should check with the IRS to determine the tax status of the group. A company located in Nevada or elsewhere may be organized as a non-profit, but it may not have tax-exempt status for the purpose of giving donors a deduction for contributions.

IRS riddled by internal mishaps and prisoner tax return scams

In the past 18 months or so, the IRS suffered several setbacks to its image and its apparent ability to act effectively. The accusations that the agency picked certain tea party political groups for exposure to higher tax scrutiny was a devastating blow to the agency's credibility here in Nevada and throughout the country. It caused the President to sack  the IRS chief and appoint a new one.  

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