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IRS scams target the elderly as tax season approaches

As tax season gets closer, the number of scam artists working the telephones in Nevada and across the country increases. Some persons may be surprised to know that many of the scams are made from call desks in foreign countries. The callers identify themselves as IRS agents, and they often make threats of ominous legal action against the victim if he or she does not do as instructed.

Exposure of IRS tactics may be a good wake-up call for reform

It's interesting that an outcry of public disapproval of IRS  collection tactics was expressed here in Nevada and throughout the country after recent press revelations of the agency's practice of seizing bank accounts of innocent taxpayers. That is the practice where the IRS swoops down on unsuspecting innocent persons and freezes their bank accounts on a mere suspicion that the amount of the customer's cash deposit may indicate illegal activity. The victims are not charged with a crime, and they receive no due process.

IRS Commissioner reports delays for upcoming tax season

In public statements, the Commissioner of the IRS has predicted that there will probably be delays in the new tax filing season of 2015. This is when taxpayers in Nevada and around the country file their returns and pay taxes for the 2014 tax year. The IRS Commissioner largely blames Congress for the problems in organizing next year's filing procedure.

Whistleblower: IRS allows billions in corporate tax giveaways

The latest major scandal facing the IRS is an accusation that may rankle the average taxpaying citizens in Nevada and nationwide. A whistleblower accuses the IRS of intentionally maneuvering its enforcement strategies to let big corporations off the hook to the tune of billions of dollars in taxes owed, while simultaneously enforcing the same laws against individuals, the self-employed and small businesses. The complaining individual is an attorney employed by the agency for the past 10 years.

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