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Reports indicate IRS seizing bank accounts of innocent citizens

A recent article in Forbes raises a nefarious activity that the IRS has been using for years to seize the funds of innocent taxpayers, in Nevada and every other state, under the guise of an anti-terrorist forfeiture provision of federal law. It's the now-familiar law that says that deposits over $10,000 in a person's bank account have to be reported on certain forms. The IRS works with banks in monitoring accounts to pick up patterns of deposits where the amount may be slightly under $10,000.

An IRS tax levy must give advance notice of intent to taxpayer

A levy is generally defined as a seizure of property through a legal process. The word has several other meanings and permeations, but in income tax parlance, an IRS tax levy issued in Nevada or elsewhere is basically a legal seizure of your property to satisfy a tax debt. The law requires that when the IRS intends to issue a levy on the taxpayer's assets, it must notify the taxpayer at least 30 days prior to doing it.

Certain steps can help one to avoid a tax audit

Filing taxes can be one of the most stressful experiences a person faces in Nevada. However, even scarier may be getting the news that one will be audited by the IRS. Some tips can help people to avoid being chosen for a tax audit and how to effectively respond to one.

Billions in tax debt not properly pursued by the IRS

The Treasury Inspector General has published a federal report indicating that the IRS does not vigorously try to collect some tax debts nationwide, including here in Nevada. Instead, the agency closes out an account as "uncollectible" prior to having followed all of the required collection procedures. For some individuals who are being assiduously pressured by the IRS to satisfy their tax debt, the report may seem to be almost surreal.

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