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IT functionality in the IRS computer networks is in doubt

Taxpayers nationally and in Nevada rely on the efficiency of IRS electronic records to maintain a fair and accurate body of data. However, in recent Congressional probes into IRS methods of classifying tax-exempt organizations, weaknesses in the agency's technology were apparently revealed. It was charged that the IRS has an “unbelievably deficient” electronic mail system, and other computer network systems are also in doubt.

IRS agents must follow fair debt collections practices

In Nevada and nationwide, when a small business gets behind in its corporate income tax or payroll tax withholdings, the IRS collection mechanisms will begin. There will be the usual array of written mailed notices, but in many cases the IRS will also assign a collection agent to the case. Fortunately, when this happens the IRS must follow a strict code of fair collection practices.

Understanding the Taxpayer Bill of Rights can help in a tax audit

Technically, tax season has come and gone, and for most Americans, tax filings won't be a significant concern until next year. Unfortunately, there are numerous individuals across the country, including some in Nevada, who may still face a tax audit this year. While an audit is something just about everyone dreads, it doesn't have to be such an overwhelming experience if people understand their rights beforehand.

IRS tax scams grow against vulnerable elderly victims

Senior citizens seem to be facing perils from increasingly frequent tax fraud scams, both nationally and here in Nevada. It’s reported that in one prominent scam the caller will typically identify himself as a “tax crime investigator.” This individual reportedly makes threats of physical harm if the victim doesn’t pay the tax money claimed due. Callers may also claim to be from the IRS in the hope of emotionally overwhelming the victimized individual.

IRS labors with outmoded programs under current funding plans

The critical issue regarding the operations of the Internal Revenue Service continues to be the alleged crippling effect that the budget cuts have had on its ability to do its job. Supporters believe that it’s unwise, in a time of budgetary deficits, to cut down the one agency that can collect the funds and restore financial solvency. But the IRS has had a bad run in Washington, and in the field also, with a majority of legislators and citizens condoning the reduction of operating funds to the agency. The effects will probably be felt in Nevada and nationwide as the auditing and enforcement abilities of the agency get more and more constrained.

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