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Collections by private companies may supplement IRS efforts

Despite the fact that the government has unsuccessfully used private contractors in the past to try to collect tax revenues, there is currently a reported effort in Congress to revise that controversial practice. The National Treasury Employees Union is opposed to the effort. Perhaps ironically, the government stopped using private collectors in 2009 after a general consensus that IRS employees could do it better. The reinstatement of the practice could see a hodge podge of collection agencies appearing in Nevada and elsewhere to engage in tax collections.

IRS criticized by U.S. Senators for seizing refunds on old debts

The IRS is being challenged for what may be another overly aggressive collection tactic that has seemingly caused a lot of injustice to struggling families. The Treasury Department has been intercepting federal and state refunds to cover alleged overpayments made to families over ten years ago. These debts may represent money not even owed by the taxpayer whose refund is taken. Rather, it is allegedly owed by the taxpayer's parents. The IRS has carried out this practice on behalf of the Social Security Administration in Nevada and nationwide.

Whistleblower program flounders under IRS mismanagement

The whistleblower program administered by the IRS is only good if the agency follows up on the information provided. Apparently, its staffing and morale are so low that at times it receives valid whistleblower information that it never acts on. As of Sept. 30, the IRS had paid whistleblowers $53.1 million, which was down from $125.4 million in 2012. Nevada is a place where whistleblowers could keep busy, and the IRS could thrive, but first the agency will have to find a way to get its act together.

Disabled man's financial obligations put him in debt to the IRS

Some retired, disabled persons have run into a catch-22 situation that is frustrating and spirit-draining. It can happen to residents of Nevada and any other state. For example, one 66-year-old man lost his job as a sales director of a telecommunications company. His wife then died of a rare cancer after 36 years of marriage. He became drowned in debt and unable to pay his financial obligations.

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