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The IRS may be heading for eventual collapse, observers say

The Internal Revenue Service collects more money from those who owe it because the federal agency has a 'tough guy' image. It has the power of several seemingly onerous remedies that are wielded against taxpayers in Nevada and nationwide, day in and day out. The agency can have people arrested. If anything, a visit from the tax man is a frightening prospect. However, a scandal is brewing in the IRS due to a whistle-blower revelation that may challenge that image.

IRS warns taxpayers to avoid tax scams during the filing season

There is less than a month left to file one's personal tax returns. One of the issues widely reported by the IRS both in Nevada and nationwide is the danger of being defrauded by criminals who would take one's tax refunds. Part of the issue was discussed in a prior blog, but it's important enough to have a reminder of the pitfalls. The message can be even more pressing for some older taxpayers who may find themselves more alone and isolated than they were in prior years.

Tax debts owed to IRS should not be ignored by taxpayers

Although 66 million people got tax refunds in 2013, some 14 million people owed money. The main message was stated on this blog previously -- even if a person can't afford to pay what he owes, he must file returns. Then, if the amount is not duly paid, the IRS will use various collection procedures to recover what will be an amount now inflated by penalties and interest. Those collection procedures apply in Nevada and all states.

IRS warns taxpayers to beware of ID theft and refund scams

With tax-time here, a taxpayer should heighten defenses against Identity theft by being extra careful with ID cards and other identifying information. The biggest tax scam reported by the IRS is ID theft at tax time. This occurs in Nevada as well as all other states. The goal of the crooks who commit this offense is usually to collect the tax refund that the taxpayer was expecting.

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