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Payment options exist if balance due is owed to the IRS

If a taxpayer has an amount due on his 2013 personal tax return, form 1040, there are several options for making payment. In Nevada or elsewhere, the standard method of paying the amount due to the IRS is to make a check, cashier's check or money order payable to the U.S. Treasury and send with your return. Payment options, however, are available.

Notice of IRS tax levy can lead to disaster if not answered

The IRS defines a levy as a legal seizure of a person's property to satisfy a tax debt. An IRS tax levy is different from an IRS tax lien. A tax lien is filed in a Nevada court or in a state where the taxpayer resides, telling the world that there is an existing IRS debt that has attached to a person's real estate and property. A levy is an actual seizure of a person's bank, investment or other monetary accounts. It can also be a garnishment of wages and even an attachment of pension and retirement benefits.

IRS policy allows for taxpayer installment agreements

The IRS is reportedly more amenable in recent years to working out installment agreements with taxpayers who've gotten behind. The IRS also started a "fresh start" program in 2011 that attempts to assist late payers get back on the right track. One thing to remember if a tax filing deadline is approaching and a taxpayer in Nevada or elsewhere doesn't have the amount needed, he should file the completed return anyway.

Nevada residents can avoid overpayment to IRS this tax season

Tax season can be a period of both joy and confusion for many Americans. Whether receiving a refund or writing a check to the IRS, it is important to ensure that the amount received or owed is correct in order to avoid a possible audit, or even overpayment. Nevada residents who are worried about overpaying their taxes can follow a few simple tips to avoid doing so.

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