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Research tax preparers for help in filing a return with the IRS

Some persons just don't have the mental or emotional inclination to want to fill out tax returns. Others don't have the time for arduous calculations or for referencing diverse provisions of the tax code. Many taxpayers seem to feel that the tax return process for filing with the IRS has gotten more complex and time-consuming than ever before. For many taxpayers in Nevada and other states, it's thus prudent to have an outside consultant prepare the tax return for them.

U.S. taxpayer advocate tells Congress that IRS needs funding

The IRS should get an A for effort. In what many people here in Nevada and around the country likely believe to be bad timing, the agency's ombudswoman has come before the U.S. Congress to ask for more funding. The IRS spokesperson, officially called the national taxpayer advocate, was actually there to give the agency's annual report to the legislators.

IRS accepts offers in compromise where financial hardship exists

In the digital age the IRS has taken advantage of the Internet to better open the lines of communication with the taxpayer. Many different aspects of the tax laws and the IRS collection procedures are now set forth in consumer-friendly descriptions on the IRS web page. For example, for those in Nevada who want to know about offers in compromise, there is a helpful fact sheet that covers the highlights of the procedure and explains the requirements. Those persons owing significant tax debts that they can't possible pay in full may find that offers in compromise are the ultimate answer to resolve matters satisfactorily.

IRS announces new tax season for returns opens on January 31

Since the IRS is relying more and more on electronic systems to receive and process new income tax filings, the agency must assure that its software systems are functioning properly and are ready to accurately handle about 150 million returns this season. The official tax paying season for 2014 opens in Nevada and elsewhere on Jan. 31, according to the IRS. The Acting Commissioner of the agency recently stated that it was making sure that its programming, testing and systems validation were functioning correctly in anticipation of the new season.

The IRS will negotiate payment plans for back taxes

One of the activities of law firms representing taxpayers who owe back amounts is to negotiate payment plans with the IRS to assist the individual in finding a resolution to a situation that has usually gotten out of hand. The IRS participates in negotiations to find agreements with taxpayers who are stretched and have had difficulties with their tax debts. Whether residing in Nevada or another state, the key is to find the highest monthly payment that the taxpayer can realistically make and still survive.

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