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Famous painter's family in dispute with IRS over tax audit

When an accomplished artist dies with hundreds of valuable paintings in his possession the federal death tax can be substantial. For a decedent's estate in Nevada or elsewhere, the estate representative has a duty to obtain accurate but also realistic appraisals for purposes of determining the amount of tax due. Even an appraiser of high renown in the art world is not necessarily going to be believed, however, when the IRS decides to perform a tax audit.

Professional assistance may be needed to lift tax liens

Although it's criminal to intentionally avoid filing an income tax return in order to evade the payment of taxes, many people who cannot afford their tax bill go ahead and file an accurate return but simply don't enclose a payment with the return. This will be followed by IRS collection activity. The IRS has two fairly drastic measures in Nevada and other states to collect from those who owe back taxes. They are the filing of tax liens and the use of the IRS tax levy.

IRS considers the use of private tax collectors

In the wake of the government shutdown, many organizations are facing a surplus of backlogged work that must be addressed. The IRS is often derided as being an inefficient organization, as many Nevada residents can attest to, which is why some senators are suggesting the organization might benefit from "outsourcing" some of its tax collection work. The result would be at least a partial privatization of tax collection, sourced to independent operators.

Phone scam targeting taxpayers, according to IRS

The Internal Revenue Service is not often thought of in a friendly light by the average tax payer, but they remain a valuable font of information about tax issues the country over. As Nevada residents may have heard, the IRS recently reported on a highly advanced phone scam that has been created to steal valuable financial and personal information from the unwary. According to the IRS, new immigrants are particularly vulnerable to this sort of dishonest enterprise.

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