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Filing and payment extensions about to expire, warns IRS

This year, over 12 million Americans requested the available 6-month extension on their tax returns, according to sources. The IRS has reminded Nevada residents and Americans across the nation that the deadline for this extension is Oct. 15, a date fast approaching. It is vitally important for all taxpayers to ensure their tax returns are filed by this time if they have not already done so.

IRS warns tax scams don't just happen during tax season

It is common knowledge in the information age that a certain type of people are always on the lookout for ways to bilk unsuspecting strangers out of money. Now, the IRS is warning Nevada residents that such scams are not limited strictly to tax time, but are a year-round threat. It is important for taxpayers to understand how to protect themselves against fraudulent activity.

Prominent mayor calls for tax liens gaming moratorium

After discovering that a handful of investors have been manipulating tax policy for their own ends, a city mayor has decided to take a stand. Nevada residents may be shocked to hear that these investors have been foreclosing on residents and selling tax liens for their own gain. This particular mayor has called a moratorium on the practice as of Sept. 9.

Jackson estate taken to task for tax debt

Even after death, our tax issues can continue to haunt us. That is the sad story plaguing the estate of the late singer Michael Jackson, who Nevada residents remember as the so-called "King of Pop" who passed away of a drug overdose in 2009. Now, the deceased star's massive tax debt is threatening to erase what remains of his former empire.

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