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IRS changes policy to give leeway to those with tax debt

It is often easy to think of the IRS in an unfavorable light, as many Americans do during tax time. It is not always warranted, however -- this year, the IRS has made considerable changes to their installment plan, making life easier for those in Nevada and elsewhere who find themselves owing tax debt. The program, called the "Fresh Start Initiative", debuts this year.

Federal tax lien woes plague hip hop mogul

A prominent record producer is facing serious economic strife thanks to an outstanding tax bill that equals almost three million dollars. Nevada residents may be familiar with Damon Dash, the head of Roc-A-Fella Records, who is in dire straits after a federal tax lien has hit him with a $2.8 million bill, in addition to outstanding bills in other states. His net worth is currently estimated at only $2 million.

Keeping certain documents can help prevent tax issues

Tax time can be complicated, but there are ways for Americans to make life easier on themselves come April. Saving certain documents can help Nevada residents avoid tax issues, especially in the case of an audit. A strong knowledge of what to keep and what to get rid of can go a long way towards streamlining personal accounting and ensuring an individual is prepared for the coming year.

"Apology payments" suggested by IRS advocate

A surprising proposal put forth by an Internal Revenue Service taxpayer advocate would have those treated unfairly offered a $1,000 "apology payment" according to recent reports. Nevada residents understand the frequency with which the IRS incorrectly assesses tax situations for many Americans. Given an increasing number of complaints to this effect, the advocate is suggesting the IRS offer such payments as something of a symbolic apology.

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