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IRS allegedly targets conservatives; Nevada senators respond

Allegations of unfair treatment have been plaguing the nation's revenue watchdogs, and the controversy continues to deepen. In Nevada, senators are divided on their opinion of the recent claims that the IRS may be targeting conservative groups for review. Concerns about the organization's government-mandated neutrality are at the forefront of this debate.

Nevada backed legislation to help deal with tax issues

A new bill passed through the U.S. Senate will change the way taxes are collected in online purchases. The bill, enthusiastically backed by the Retail Association of Nevada, will see additional responsibilities put on online retailers to help mitigate tax issues that have long plagued the market. The bill will apply to all businesses across the nation.

Tax issues can arise for Nevada residents buying products online

Buying products online is convenient, and often can result in a much more successful shopping experience when you're looking for products that can't be found locally. But tax issues can result if you are not taking stock of the sales tax you owe here in Nevada, even on products you've purchased elsewhere. The law currently doesn't allow the government to easily keep track of these taxable purchases, but that is slated to change with new legislature in the coming years.

Tips for surviving audits from the IRS

Sometimes, even the most conscientious of us will find ourselves facing an IRS audit. Being targeted for audits by the IRS does not have to mean headaches and stress for Nevada residents this tax season, however. There are ways to help minimize the potential frustration and ensure the audit goes smoothly. Here are a few suggestions.

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