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Avoid or satisfy a tax debt by filing your 2012 tax return

For Las Vegas residents, and indeed for every American, April 15 can be a daunting date. It is estimated that Americans spend over six billion hours per year in preparing and filing their taxes. It is possible to avoid some of the stress of accrued tax debt by following a few simple guidelines to ensure your tax form is completed correctly, and on time.

A Nevada tax audit most likely in only 1.1 percent of cases

As we draw near to the height of tax season, many Nevada residents begin worrying about potential pitfalls that could arise. Some worry that a tax audit may be looming in the future without truly having much cause to fear one. Sure, tax audits are always a possibility, but statistics indicate that the IRS conducted them for only 1.1 percent of all individual tax returns that were filed in 2010 and 2011.

Mistakes on Nevada tax returns could result in tax debt bill

Nevada residents gearing up for tax time might be interested in the story of a former NFL player, Bill Romanowski, and his wife, who reportedly owe the IRS around $5 million in tax debt. Any resident can find themselves with a tax bill, but sometimes it can be a surprise, especially if there was an error on their tax return. This appears to be the situation for the Romanowskis, but it has unfortunately resulted in a huge tax debt that will have to be addressed.

Options for Las Vegas taxpayers dealing with tax debt

No Las Vegas resident wants to find themselves in debt with the IRS, but occasionally it can happen. Fortunately, there are options when facing tax debt, because simply not paying could result in wage garnishment, tax liens or even criminal charges. A difficult debt situation doesn't have to be overwhelming. With the right guidance, tax debts can be taken care of with little to no hassle.

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