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Nevada tax debt: Tax debts reported to credit bureaus?

An interesting question is being posed that has the possibility to affect Nevada taxpayers. The Government Accountability Office (GAO) was asked to check into whether the IRS should be allowed to report a consumer's tax debt to credit reporting bureaus. At the present time, they are prohibited from doing so by federal law.

Las Vegas churches may have the chance to challenge IRS policy

Las Vegas-area religious leaders may be involved in a recent protest by pastors around the country against IRS policies. Over 1,000 religious leaders took part in a constitutional challenge called 'Pulpit Freedom Sunday.' Their plan is to publicly endorse political candidates from their pulpits, directly defying IRS rules preventing such a practice. They are hoping that their actions will require the IRS to enforce the Johnson Amendment, which makes it illegal for churches or other tax-exempt organizations to endorse any political candidates.

Nevada tax debt: Using a 401K to pay back taxes to the IRS

The IRS has extensive power to collect taxes. It is able to seize nearly everything that people own in order to recover back taxes. In addition, the IRS can file tax liens which can severely damage a Nevada taxpayer's credit. It may also block the taxpayer from being able to make purchases, such as a home. Seeking a settlement with the IRS to pay back taxes in installments is often the best way to keep assets and credit intact.

Health care overhaul: Nevada families may soon owe the IRS money

Nevada residents could owe the IRS money once the tax penalty from the health care overhaul takes effect. The majority of the people who will be affected are likely in the middle class. An earlier estimate showed those who would owe the IRS money at around four million people. Now, that number stands substantially higher at approximately six million.

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