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IRS mistakenly sends woman refund check for more than $400,000

Most people in Las Vegas file their tax return and wait patiently for their refund check to arrive in the mail. There are usually no surprises. However, one woman recently received a refund check that made her wonder if she had won the lottery.

Hewlett Packard battles IRS and loses

Taxpayers in Nevada who attempt to fight the IRS are usually in for a long battle. However, large corporations can also find themselves in a scuffle with the government agency. Hewlett Packard recently lost a major battle with the IRS. The company filed a lawsuit against the IRS in an attempt to claim over $190 million in tax refunds, but it was shot down by a judge.


Many Nevada Homeowners or Property Owners have lost their property to either a short sale or a foreclosure. Maybe you have been lucky enough to get the lender to waive the liability or deficiency. The great news is that is step one - got a waiver of deficiency, but many are wondering about the tax effect on this matter. Can we be forced to pay the IRS the amount that was written off?

Owing back taxes may soon prevent international travel

Las Vegas residents who owe the IRS back taxes may be surprised that the IRS has been granted another tool to reclaim the money that is owed to them. They may now have the power to restrict travel in the form of revoking or suspending a passport, denying the renewal of a passport or even withholding approval for someone applying for a passport for the first time. While the IRS has several other ways to collect back taxes, this is one that may surprise people who are planning trips outside of the United States.

Judicial Foreclosures - FIGHT THEM!!

Like many Nevada homeowners, you have suffered a hardship and have not paid you lender for many months.  Foreclosure is on your mind, but you really don't have any clue what this means? You have tried to call your lender, but they offer no solutions for assistance. And you have just received some legal document by a process server and have no clue what's going on?

How to get your small business through a tax audit

Even the thought of a tax audit is enough to strike fear in the hearts of Las Vegas residents. While being audited is definitely scary and can bring a wide range of emotions, everyone gets through them. Knowing how a tax audit works and what areas an auditor will pay close attention to can help small-business owners get through them easier than if they were unprepared.

Filmmaker battles the IRS and wins

Filmmakers in Las Vegas and elsewhere have reason to cheer after a documentary filmmaker took on the IRS in U.S. Tax Court and ultimately won her case. The woman went to battle with the IRS after they refused to allow her to deduct expenses she incurred while making her movie, "Smile 'Til It Hurts: The Up With People Story." The movie has not made any money, which led the IRS to claim the woman's documentary filmmaking career was a hobby and not a legitimate business.

Nevada Foreclosure Mediation (FMP) - Does it work?

Assume you just opened your mailbox and have 5-10 certified letters from your Lender or Foreclosing Trustee has just occurred and the feelings of fear and confusion that hit you immediately. Sadly, this is a feeling most Nevada homeowners know all too well. These documents are known as the Notice of Default (NOD). Most people just want to take all the documents and immediately put them in the trash. But don't do that. This event of receiving the NOD is a triggering event that allows Nevada homeowners the right to elect mediation to have a face-to-face meeting with their Lender and a Nevada trained Mediator. The law that covers this is under AB-149. Personally, as a Nevada Supreme Court Appointed Mediator and a Homeowner's Attorney, I have seen this process first hand and can answer the question - does Foreclosure Mediation Program work?

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