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Could good intent actions now cause tax trouble later?

The Gulf Coast states may be out of sight of Nevada, but the region and the people who live there and in the Caribbean are not out of mind. Waves of hurricanes have hit the region in recent weeks, from Harvey to Irma. Maria is working its way through the vicinity now. Devastation is great. People are in real need and many in the Silver State likely feel inspired to do something to help.

IRS position on personal tax return privacy upheld

Many Americans want to see what's in President Trump's personal income tax returns. Recent polls indicate that a solid majority of voters would like a measure of transparency. Sixty-one percent of respondents to one poll say they would support legislation that would require any future presidential candidate to release at least some returns to have his or her name appear on the ballot.

What to do when the IRS issues an audit

Sometimes it's a good thing when someone singles you out. It feels good when your boss gives you a raise, a client chooses your proposal or an attractive person asks you on a date. However, when the Internal Revenue Service chooses to audit you, this may not feel so good. In fact, you may feel a little nervous.

Tax scams and more tax scams

It's hard enough to get your taxes paid without having to worry about tax scams. After all, the tax code is incredibly complex. And there are all sorts of reasons why you may be in financial difficulty, making it hard to come up with the money.

Is my tax return information safe with the IRS?

In today's age where confidential information can get leaked at the touch of a button, many people wonder if their information is secure. Tax returns hold some of the most personal information about us including our social security number, income, and much more. Therefore it is an important question to ask: is my tax return information truly safe?

Poor IRS customer service: What is the IRS doing to improve it?

The IRS’s ability to offer acceptable customer service has slipped badly in recent years. Wait times for phone service, for example, have become so long that thousands of taxpayers have hung up before they could reach someone to help them.

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