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December 2012 Archives

Nevada back taxes: Congressman claims deduction; hit with bill

A Congressman reportedly made an error on his taxes which resulted in the man owing back taxes. Nevada residents may already be aware of how confusing taxes are and how easy it can be to make such an error. The man is accused of wrongly claiming a homestead tax deduction on his townhouse. Tax officials are claiming the man is not entitled to such a deduction and are seeking over $2,000 in back taxes, penalties and interest.

Nevada tax audit: New tips to help ensure success

Small business tax audits have been discussed previously in this blog, but one expert is offering new tips for successfully navigating an audit. Nevada business owners may be fearful of receiving a letter about a tax audit, but taking the right steps can diminish those fears and help them get through it relatively unscathed.

Nevada back taxes: Actress owes money, accounts seized

Nevada fans of struggling actress Lindsay Lohan may be interested in her newest legal troubles. Her bank accounts have all been seized by the Internal Revenue Service in an effort to recoup back taxes. The actress has been the subject of multiple legal issues lately, and this one is just another blow for her.

Las Vegas business owners who battle the IRS may need help

Las Vegas residents can experience troubles with the IRS, especially if they are a small business owner. However, major retailers can also find themselves on the far end of the IRS' telescope and can sometimes be caught to the tune of millions of dollars. Fortunately, one major retailer has come out ahead in their fight against the tax giant. Kroger can finally breathe a sigh of relief because they have won their IRS tax case.

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